Runners’ Best Self-Defense Weapons

Many people all over the world love running. Many of them consider running as their way of staying fit. After all, running is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular workout. Moreover, running in the outdoors is undeniably more fun compared to running in treadmills in fitness gyms. What is more is that you get to see new places if you take new routes when running. This is the reason why serious runners prefer running in the outdoors.

outdoor running

However, this outdoor activity has its share of challenges too. One of which is the chances of coming face to face with people with bad intentions. Remember that regardless of the route one is traversing, running outside is always dangerous. Therefore, it is paramount to bring something that will protect you from criminals. This means that you should invest in the best running self defense products. Such products can enable you to prevent bad things from happening. Below is a list of some of the best self-defense weapons for running.


Let us start off our list with one of the most common self-defense weapons — a knife. Bringing this weapon is recommended for outside runners because their attackers will surely think twice once they see the knife. Make sure though that you bring the right knife when running in the outdoors. This means that you should not bring a kitchen knife. Make sure that you purchase a knife that is small enough for it not to hinder your mobility. It should also be lightweight because you do not want to be carrying excess baggage when running the outdoors.

running in the woodsTaser

When thinking about self-defense weapons, one weapon that comes to mind is a Taser.  The good news is that a Taser is also one of the most recommended self-defense weapons for outside runners. The great thing about a Taser is that it can immobilize your attacker without killing him or her because such a product is not lethal. When looking for a Taser, look for something that will allow you to discharge while running. This way, you will have a significant advantage against your attacker.

Stun Gun

You can also opt for a stun gun instead of a Taser. You might be wondering what the difference between the two is. Stun guns work best in close range encounters.  Therefore, you can easily neutralize your attacker during close range encounters with a stun gun. Some stun guns also come with other useful features such as a flashlight.

Pepper Spray

Another recommended self-defense weapon for outside runners is a pepper spray. Such a product might look weak since it cannot cause fatal injuries to the attackers. However, a pepper spray is already enough to immobilize your attacker. What is more is that such a product is not costly.…

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