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If you have a soul mate, talking dirty can feel embarrassing, clumsy, and awkward. However, it is essential to understand that it is the right and a sexy level of communication that can improve your sex life. If you want to know How to dirty talk to a guy, make sure that you research and understand the perfect phrases you need to say to your partner. Keep reading to discover some of the words you need to tell your partner.

Make Him Laugh

One of the first things you need to do is to make your man laugh. In other words, you need to lighten things up and ensure that you have fun together. If you want to make your partner happy, make sure you aim to try new things. However, note that you do not need to be good at everything.

It has been discovered that humor is a significant turn on for women. As a man, you can take this opportunity and act silly with her beforehand. However, it is advisable to ensure that you become careful with your jokes during the act. When trying to make her laugh, ensure that you avoid off-handed comments about pregnancy and STDs.

Sex Before Sexting


It is vital to note that sexting is a form of foreplay, and it is advisable to understand that words can turn your man on or off. If you want to attain your sexual needs, make sure that you start simple. In other words, make sure that you are not carried away and stay intact. In a situation where you haven’t slept together, ensure that you let your partner know how you are excited about her. In simpler terms, understand that sexting is similar to sex, and it is mutual.

Be a Little Mean

When you are with your partner, it is advisable to understand that nothing is off-limits. In other words, it is crucial to note that you need to be comfortable, depending on what you like doing while together. In other words, you need to know her dirty side by asking him what he wants. Once you have heard what he likes, make sure that you act mean.

Speak in Another Language

Another thing you can consider doing is speaking in another language. Even if he does not understand what you are saying, it is advisable to know that he will get the point. It is the perfect chance to role-play a bit before you engage in other romance activities.