The Many Factors That Make Women Over 40 Fat

By the time when a woman gets into her 40s, she may now be in the perimenopausal stage wherein many physiological changes in her body will ensue. One of these changes is unintentional weight gain. If you are one those who gained weight at this point of your life, you may notice that those fat bulges around your tummy, thighs, and arms are harder to get rid of.

Unless you found an effective weight program like metaboost connection, you may have to be fat for the remaining years of your life. Most women may start accumulating more weight during their perimenopausal and menopausal stages because of the following factors that are way beyond their control.


Everybody will go through this stage where lean muscle mass is reduced while fats increase. With this phenomenon, your metabolic rate decreases. A decrease in metabolic rate means that more of the foods that your ingest are stays longer in your body and stored instead of being used as energy.

Change in Lifestyle

If you cannot keep up with your active lifestyle when you were younger, there is much probability that you will gain weight. You have more chances of getting fat if you do not adjust your food intake. If you become more conscious of your food intake and do regular exercise, you may avoid getting unintentional weight gain.


Women in their 40s are not exempt from the everyday stress that most people encounter. They may also be stressed with the many new things that are happening in their bodies. Stress can interfere with the normal functioning of the body and it may affect the way your body process the food that you take in.

Hormonal Changes

Hormones may start fluctuating by the time you are in your perimenopausal stage. Estrogen and progesterone, which are the female sex hormones, will decrease. Studies show that when these two hormones decrease, craving for food increases. Bear in mind that the kind and amount of foods that you take in is the number one reason why you gain more weight.

Medical Conditions

Aside from stress, many medical conditions may arise as you age. You may start experiencing these ailments as early as your 40 years old. These conditions may have something to do with the decreasing immunity and hormonal changes brought upon by aging.

Some medical conditions may not directly increase you weight but the medications that you are prescribed to take in may be the culprit. If you are prescribed with anti-psychotics, steroids, and anti-diabetic drugs, you will surely gain weight.…

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